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Welcome to

Happy Little Farmstead

We offer family-friendly farm experiences in the charming village of Spencerville, Ontario! Join us for farm visits and participate in fun activities, meet friendly farm animals, spend quality family time in the play barn, and learn about the farm industry.

Opening Hours

We are open year-round for visits!

*Opening hours are subject to change. 

Farm with duck, chicken, and goat

Monday            Private Group Tours
Tuesday           Private Group Tours
Wednesday     Private Group Tours
Thursday         9 a.m to 2 p.m
Friday              9 a.m to 2 p.m
Saturday         10 a.m to 3 p.m
Sunday           10 a.m to 3 p.m

Admission Fee

Adult: $5 (+tax)
Child (3+): $5 (+tax)
Children 2 and under: Free

*Prices are subject to change and may vary during holidays and special events.


Animal Barn and Barnyard

During your visit, you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with our friendly animals including rabbits, chickens, goats, donkeys, cows, and more! Make sure to dress appropriately for the weather and for the farm.

Please be respectful of our animals. We ask that you do not feed them any food from outside the farm as our animals are on specific diets. It's important to remember that while our animals are friendly, they may push, bite, or unintentionally harm you. For more information on farm safety, please read our Health and Safety guidelines.

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Play Barn

At our farm, we believe in fostering a fun and creative environment for families and friends to come together! Join us in our play barn and enjoy a fun-filled time with crafts, games, and toys! Heated during winter months!

You are welcome to bring food and drinks with you to the farm, but it must be consumed in the play barn or at our assigned outdoor eating location during the summer season. Please refrain from eating near the animals, and be sure to sanitize your hands before eating. We supply hand sanitizer for your convenience.


Moo-re farm fun to check out:


Happy Little Farmstead is located at 3418 Goodin road Spencerville, Ontario. 

We are only:

  • 5 minutes from the Spencerville Fair grounds

  • 6 minutes from HWY 416

  • 13 minutes from HWY 401

Site Plan and Parking

Parking at the farm is free! 

Site Map

Find your way around the farm using this map including our admission, play barn, animal barn, and barn yard.

Health and Safety

To ensure a safe and enjoyable visit, please draw your attention to the following before visiting the farm:

  • Children must be supervised by their accompanying adult at all times.

  • Please be kind and respectful to other visitors.

  • Please treat our animals with respect and kindness. 

    • Do not feed outside food to our animals, they are on a special diet.

    • Do not run or yell by the animals. 

  • Dogs are not allowed on the farm 

    • Service dogs are permitted, however please keep in mind that their presence may cause distress to our animals. Therefore, we kindly request that you withdraw from the situation if this occurs. 

  • It is important to remember that although our animals are friendly, they may accidentally hurt you:

    • Do not hug our animals.

    • Do not put your hands and arms inside the animal pens.

    • Please be aware that animals may kick, push, nip or bite.

    • Please ensure hands are flat when feeding animals.

  • Please note that animals may carry diseases that are transferable to humans:

    • Please always sanitize or wash your hands after touching animals. 

    • Do not kiss our animals.

  • Covid-19 guidelines in accordance to the Government of Ontario:

    • ​If you have any symptoms, please postpone your visit until you are well.

    • Masks are no longer mandatory but recommended.

    • Physical distancing is recommended.

    • Hand-sanitizing stations are available throughout the farm.


MOST IMPORTANTLY, please have fun and enjoy your time at the farm!

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